pigi’s thunderbolt

while everybody is thinking about crits, aluminum frames and brakeless stuff, pigi from la stazione delle biciclette, comes out with this old fashioned frame. and I’m not talking about appearance, no vintage frames with wooden rims and coaster brakes. I’m talking about the purpose this frame was made for. quoting pigi: “the frame was made for road training session and long distance rides as the pro teams used to do back in the days, the athletes were riding track bikes on road with one or two brakes installed, the slacker geometries make riding more comfortable while the rear triangle design gives more stiffness to the whole frame while pushing on pedals.” well this is more or less what I understood, pigi is quite a technician and is not always easy to comprehend his thoughts. furthermore he’s also an engineer who likes to play with different solution. In this case he decided to use a long 44mm headset tube in order to increase stability, meanwhile he used different columbus tubing for the frame: life for top and diagonal tube, max for vertical and chainstays and sl for seatsays. “the dropouts remember me about japanese ones” I said trying to appear persuasive, “well I don’t know, I just found them in the workshop, I have no idea where they come from”. definitely an atypical engineer. the building is, as usual, with top components. damn, I really would like to have a la stazione delle biciclette frame… oh wait I have one!

















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