herne hill velodrome


herne hill velodrome, london

a trip to herne hill velodrome. while visiting london I couldn’t avoid to visit “one of the oldest cycling tracks in the world”. to be true I didn’t know that back then. it’s amazing how easy was to find the time schedule on line and how friendly were the guys replying at my paranoid emails. on saturday morning the track is open to everybody, and there are bike to rent too! I couldn’t ask for anything more. After a few misunderstandings with the london underground I was ready to ride a nice fuji bike that had been waiting for me in a container. once on track I realized that it was not an open session, well it was but people weren’t allow to turn around freely. there were a couple of coaches on track supervising the operations. we had sprints, trains, changes and a kind of pursuit challenge between two groups… it was funny. in herne hill velodrome the turns aren’t steep at all and the concrete gives you a nice feeling of grip.






what I liked most of this trip was the attitude of riders and crew, friendly, precise and passionate. no pros moves, no vanity. just riding together following a few simple rules. I know this is what normality should be, but is not so expected somewhere else.

I also met george, a pro derny driver. he was polishing one of his rides. apparently george is not only riding his derny in front of the pack during keirin sessions, he’s also participating to specific derny’s races. with lot of success. before I left he gave me his business card, just in case of emergency.





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