sannino track 1990

this bicycle was built in 1990 by mr mauro sannino in torino. the frame was designed specifically for ms insert-a-fantasy-name, a professional italian racer from torino. the bicycle is fully equipped with galli components, from torino as well. starting from three characters like this there is no doubt about the result. the expertise of sannino perfectly match with the high quality of galli’s components delivering ms insert-a-fantasy-name a timeless track bike. it’s a perfect portrait of a great city such as torino, hard working, resolute and innovative. torino is the background of all sannino’s history. the words quoted below are taken from a mid 80s catalogue for north america.

young mauro sannino did not spend much of is free time with schoolmates. instead, after school he would hurry up to the nearby shop of his grandfather, a former pro team mechanic who had worked at both tour the france and giro d’italia before the war. he taught his eager grandson the fundamentals of filing, brazing, mitering, and geometric design, introducing him to what would become his life’s passion”. after finishing his secondary school he was hired by gios and worked there for a few years. in 1974 sannino started producing frame on his own, “in the first years he build frames with no thought of profit. he gave them away to local racers right and left , experimenting with seemingly minute variations in angles, fork rake, wheelbase, chain stay length”. in 1979 together with other three partners he opened the cicli sannino. strangely the three partners are not mentioned in the catalogue, but at least one of them, mr sannicandro, was helping mauro in the workshop duties. the sannino cicli was located in the galli buildings in montemagno streets, torino. the proximity with galli built a profitable and enduring partnership between the two brands during the years. meanwhile sannino was collaborating with different nationals team like the polish and the soviet ones, and of course with the italian one. “signor sannino has also collaborated with the technical staff of the italian cycling federation, with access to their computer and wind tunnel facilities. a technician by trade, but a perfectionist by nature, signor sannino has not stopped thinking, refining , improving, innovating.” it’s funny how they call it “signor sannino”. but one thing is true for sure, he didn’t stop thinking and innovating, after sannino cicli breakdown he moved to germany and started work for the german brand corratec, keeping his unusual and passionate approach to bicycle design, experimenting with new materials and components. a perfect example of brain drain.



















frame: sannino

tubing: oria ml25

headset: galli stronglight

crankset, bottom bracket: galli with galli 46 chainring, galli

pedals, toe-clip: galli

handlebars, stem: 3ttt competizione, 3ttt

saddle, seatpost: san marco rolls, campagnolo nuovo record

wheels, hubs, tires: galli giro 32h, galli maillard, specialized touring II

many thanks to landri garage for the hospitality and the infos. the only place where you can find from 1950 track frame to 1990 booster mbk, and of course an handmade mini ramp and an handmade swing.






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