eroica 2012

eroica 2012

Second year at L’Eroica for casbah. This year we were there for the 205 km course. Still remembering last year experience with the 135 one we felt focused, resolute and scared. So everything was a little bit confused on saturday while hanging around in Gaiole, the waiting for the day to come was overcoming.

Our technical headquarters were settled nearby the starting line so we woke up at 4.10 am in order to get started at 5.00 am. When we reached the main square we found it packed with racers and we had to wait another 30 minutes to start.
So at 5.30 am the three of us left Gaiole; it took 15 hours to get back to Gaiole, but just two of us did it at 8.30 pm

Emi had a finger injured and the stitches just came off after 70 km forcing him to left. There is nothing to describe how hard and how beautiful can be to face those 205 km. The best is to try it. Not a picture was taken, my mind was completely focused on the road in front of me, the ground full of rubble was slippery and hard to handle with 23 tires. The surrounding were amazing but it seemed like there was no time to watch at them.

this nice old man was also at the Giro stage in Milan

However we were happy as children at christmas time.
Here the few pictures we took on saturday.

A guy with an amazing Alan

I love Alan’s frames, wasn’t clear? This Fanini is my personal one.

our faces can tell better that any words the mental condition we had at the arrival


  1. Alan White · October 31, 2012

    Thanks, Alan in Portland…

  2. martl · June 7, 2013

    Hello Casbah, i enjoyed your story! btw that orange Cinelli B is mine – i’m happy you liked it enough to take a picture! 😀

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