pietro’s ride

Pietro is our man in Litovel, Czech Republic. This bike was made especially for him and we did assemble it for the lamented Cicli Caronti. Pietro needed a solid bike to face the hard winter in Czech Republic, with a bright color that make him visible in the misty morning. Furthermore his driving license was distrained few weeks before he left Italy so biking was the only option.

age: 29

nationality: Italian

city of residence: Litovel

occupation: cheese master

bike model: the frame is a mountain bike one, assembled as a singlespeed with 26″ wheels and V-brakes. It looks kind of a trick bike but it isn’t, neither Pietro knows anything about tricks

what do you like about your bike? missing

what would you improve about your city concerning biking? missing

a message to car divers? missing

daily trip missing

Lot of questions hasn’t been answered, we know, but we like to imagine Pietro in Litovel like the famous guy from the Adriana commercial. Do we all look like this the italians? I hope so…

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