buenos aires

municipal velodrome in Buenos Aires

Our friend Vera is on a pleasant trip in argentina and while visiting Buenos Aires she run into the magnificent and decadent “velodromo municipal”. Without losing time she sent us some pictures.

this 10000 capacity stadium was built back in the 50’s and was inaugurated by Juan Domingo Peron (oh yes, Evita husband, you know him) for the 1951 Pan American games. The future seemed to be bright for this huge structure, but we where in the 50’s, in south america so… everything seemed to be bright. For the information we have few bicycles ran onto that track after those games.

the velodrome quickly became a place for festivals and concerts in the late 60’s, than the facility where used to support a golf field nearby and lately it was used as a paintball field. Yeah a bloody paintball field. It’s so sad. Now, due to the conditions of the construction the place is permanently closed. Vera was lucky as usual to get into that place, we found a long article from an argentinian columnist all about him arguing with the security while trying to get into the velodrome. The art of journalism.

the more we get into the coverage of the track we visit around the world the more the situation seems to be critical. The track practice is getting more and more undervalued in some countries and legendary building are left abandoned everywhere. This especially is about to be demolished. Come on guys! Track racing is the base for road racing! Even children know that.

But still we know bike is loved all around the world and this gives us hope. Sounds like a prophet sentence, I know.


  1. emi · January 26, 2012

    Grande Vera!!!

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  3. japo · May 27, 2012

    una pena che.

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