saüta foss

a nice saturday in the light mud of Torino

Our friend Riky and his crew prepared us a short and funny singlespeed cyclocross race. The event took place in a track especially made for cyclocross training, well this is what I understood but maybe I’m wrong. From the exact moment I drunk the first vin brulè wine memories began to be a little confused. And I’ve tasted the first glass shortly after the two warm up lap. So take this report as a possible story of what really hapened.

organization working full speed

my inaccuracy is not only due to the wine I took but is also due to the fact that starting from the first lap I occupied the last position, at the second lap I was quite detached from the group and shortly after the fourth lap the head of the race began to lap me. It was so frustrating. So for me the race was a trial to survive always asking to the organization for the time left to run.

weird people subscribing to the race

for the records I have to say that I was racing with a front suspender rockrider, not really the best bike for this kind of competitions, every time I had to left it the desire of another glass of wine grew more and more.

a track view

so when I heard the magic words “two lap left!” I felt very relieved even if I had not only a single chance to overlap somebody, that is some how depressing.

one of the best use for a football goal

Legor’s stable

starting procedures

me and my heavy ride (thanks Gio for the borrowing!)

the winner

So thanks again Riky and the Torino crew for the perfect organization, thanks also to Matteo Zolt and Jackb73 for the pictures I stole from their Flickr.
Next time I’ll try to be in a better shape, I’ll try to stay away from the wine, I’ll try to have a decent ride. Good purposes for the 2012, even if it’s already going on.


  1. riky76 · January 20, 2012

    c’mon, c’mon!!

  2. emi · January 20, 2012

    ammazza due post di ciclocros in un giorno! CCCross

  3. riky76 · January 24, 2012

    here you are the report and tons of photos!

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