rockville 5

Second round of the singlespeed ciclocross italian series nearby Cremona

Sun was shining and sky was blue. Despite this temperature was extremely low and a cold wind was cutting every single centimeter of skin left without repair. Maybe those condition affected our man since he couldn’t recall to his mind anything else but wind and temperature.

so we literally have just few words to say about this race but lot of great pictures thanks to Vale as usual.

race was crowded and the track developed half in a wood half in the fields nearby Oglio river in Cremona surroundings.
after an unspecified number of laps (damn Gio it was really cold wasn’t it?) Luca Bassi was the first man to cross the finish line and Stefania Scarpa the first woman.
And now space to the pictures! words are over.

push Giò! PUSH!

friendship: that’s what cyclocross it’s all about.


  1. emi · January 20, 2012

    foto spettacolo!!

  2. Martin · October 17, 2012
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