iride’s new hub opening in modena

a sunny week end drove us to modena where our friends from Iride where opening their new store in alessandro tassoni 14 street. It’s a pleasure to go to modena, people there are really friendly and it’s always a good occasion to have a talk about bikes and other stuff.

ah track lines! good memories

the new shop is nice and cosy, there is a couch, there is a fridge, there was a good amount of beer, there were some delicious tortellini and some salame, there were some tees with amazing graphics (as usual) and, of course, there were loads of great bikes.

few masterpiece from iride collection

guys at iride are producing and selling bikes and parts, together with some accessories and street wear from other brands. If you want an evil track frame 100% italian take a look at la bomba (the bomb). It’s serious stuff.

fly like a butterfly sting like a bee!

anyway we always loved Iride places, it’s a mixture between a workshop and a private house, it really makes you feel home. this place is even better than the first one since is nearby an old fashioned porn cinema, working all day long. if you’re tired by tattoed guys talking about bikes and cranckset you can take a break and going at the movies!

my designer soul couldn’t resist to such details. oh my good my designer-evil part is coming back!

so, congratulations to iride crew! they are doing so well and growing so fast I almost feel like crying for the emotion. But I have to be tough or at least pretending to be.

above the crew (from left to right): matteo, francesco, walter and luca. I’m sorry luca, my camera is really bad and my hands are perpetually shaking.
But in the end we would like to remember them as the first time we met, it was long time ago, digital photography wasn’t yet invented and also color rolls were really rare. it was september 1969 or maybe 40 years later, I can’t remember exactly, it was our first allycat and also the first milanese race for iride guys.
ah! it seems like it was yesterday! good old times.

thanks anna for the great archive pictures. This is not bloody hypstamatic guys!


  1. GORI · December 19, 2011

    e le belle ragazze che hai citato sul forum dove sarebbero???
    la maglietta car is over è bellissima…

  2. casbahcicloclub · December 19, 2011

    erano timide.

  3. riky76 · December 19, 2011

    grandi ragazzi, modena cuore pulsante delle bici dei matti!

  4. pipco82 · December 19, 2011

    La De Rosa è veramente da sturbo!!! Prima o poi voglio capitarci in questo bel negozietto….

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