Alessia’s Leri

Alessia portrayed with her Leri

age: 29

nationality: Italian

city of residence: Milano

occupation: external and institutional affairs at Nibi institute

bike model: ops, I don’t remember the model, it was restored and assembled by Casbah (Oh my God, it’s us! so we can say the bike is a Leri tourist from mid 70’s)

what do you like about your bike? I love it! it’s as light as a feather.

what would you improve about your city concerning biking? I would like to see more bike paths.

a message to car divers? if you can’t drive don’t drive at all!

daily trip it changes every day! (the girl has already to many admirers)

fork’s head detail

special “stem head” graphics by Casbah

One comment

  1. Kim Thomson Australia · June 26, 2012

    Great bike I love it. I would like to buy a LERI for my wife and have it sent to Australia. I recently saw one in Alba, Italy and I am now trying to have one (maybe two) sent to Aus. Can you help with distributors in Italy or a bike shop you use?

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