polo bike #1

emi’s polo bike

This is the first polo bike born from the Casbah R&D lab down in Palo Alto. A multi-task team composed by the best engineers and technicians is currently working to the new version while our elite polo team is testing this one.

some technical specifications:
frame is a 55-55 size
wheels: size 26 1/4 with flip flop hubs over DRC st 16 rims with 36 holes
crankset: stronglight city with rear free-wheel, gear ratio 34/20.
front brake: promax V-brake
pedals: bmx bling-bling

well, as we were saying before there are some few modifications going on. We want the rear to be 2,5 cm shorter, the bottom bracket will be 2 cm higher and a rear V-brake will be installed, maybe even a disc brake. That would be cool.
Another fork as well would be nice but that’s not the priority.
Of course also a shiny glossy color would take the bike to another level but that’s really irrelevant at this point.

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