twenty inches rules

november the 18th, milan

In milan we have fog, a lot of fog. This year more than the previous, and to me it seems to be back in the seventies when my parents couldn’t find their 2cv because of the fog. This weather surly inspired guys from la stazione delle biciclette to organize this really special race reserved to twenty inches wheels bikes.

gio’s ride

guido’s ride

emi and riki ride, the all-purpose graziella

we spent days preparing our bikes for the race because this was probably the most awaited event of the Milano Bicycle Film Festival. Well, maybe not, but sure we were all excited about it.
race rules were simple, a kind of cyclocross track was traced in a small park in the south area of milan, there was everything: bumps, u-turns, manholes, grass, uphill, downhill and a small final ramp (which it wasn’t compulsory thankfully). two complete laps were to be done in order to finish the race, it wasn’t easy at all. every round was composed by four contenders. In total we where 20.

third round participants

Two laps on those small things were really a nightmare, with the knees beating on the elbows every second, the cold air rushing into the lungs and the constant fear of a technical failure. Furthermore there were some real 20 inches pro. Casbah team hardly reached the semifinals but couldn’t do anything more.
It was a great night of true sport, more of less, with lot of friends, gummy bears and some heavy liquors.

Pigi, one of the criminal minds behind this race

cimetta with his crono-grazziella (the only picture I took wasn’t good at all! fuck), giò and riki

emi, he likes to ride safe as you can see

part of the fabolous drim tim: ska and carotina

riki speeding through the finish line.

taking pictures with all that fog was a nightmare. If you want to see some really good pics go to marco cremasoli website, the guy surely knows hot to do good pics.

One comment

  1. emi · November 22, 2011

    la graziella si è dimostrata il mezzo migliore del nostro parco bici 20″ un setup appropriato e due gambe più informa avrebbero fatto faville!!

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