masi gran criterium

masi gran criterium

we are proud to present the bicycle that allowed emiliano to reach the end of the 135km trip at this year eroica.
As many other times in front of bicycle this kind I can just stand speechless. I found this review from Bicycling Magazine about the Gran Criterium road test, and that’s what it says: “Faliero Masi is a modest man, but takes an artist’s pride in his works. Every bicycle gets the same attention. […]Masi uses the lightest and strongest equipment available. This is what Masi strives for throughout his completed bikes, and by all standards has achieved the production of the lightest, strongest and best racing bicycles in the world!”

Faliero Masi was a decent cyclist back in the 30’s but before long retired and started working at Gloria cycling factory in Milan. In 1949 he built up his own business and in 1952 moved to Vigorelli velodrome where his workshop still remain ruled by the son Alberto.

Faliero Masi was also known as “il sarto”, the tailor. Fausto Coppi, Antonio Maspes, Eddy Merckx, Alfredo Martini, Felice Gimondi, Jacques Anquetil… those are just a part of the folks riding a Masi bike back in the days. There is a story about Jacques Anquetil who once came to Milano in order to beat the hour record and just realized that his bike wasn’t good enough for the particular track of Vigorelli velodrome! Damn. At that point it was mr Masi to save the situation building a perfect frame that eventually brought Jaques to the record. Ah it was 1956! By the way, none of us were there.

the reason we’re getting so mad about Faliero is very simple. there’s a big difference between our Gran Criterium and the other we have been seeing all around, live and on line. and this reason is the little signature near the seatpost, the one in the picture below…

this little decoration is magnetic, you can feel it with your hand, the light thickness of the paint reveals something really pleasant for a bunch of bikes addicted like us, it reveals that this frame was personally built by the same guy who did it for the champions listed above. The same one, not his son, not some american brand with his name. This frame was welded by Faliero Masi aka “il sarto”.

all equipped with Campagnolo record and nuovo record for gearing, stem and handlebar cinelli. As usual we can’t tell the year of production, frame is marked M60 but there was no exact coding until 1969.


  1. giorgiocordini · October 26, 2011

    Bella Biga

  2. emi · October 26, 2011

    la piĆ¹ bella bici che io abbia mai pedalato!
    un vero gioiello.
    ringrazio ovviamente il prof Sconsi che mi ha dato in prestito il “suo” mezzo

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