pinarello montello

pinarello montello

Sometimes life makes you happy, while you’re just sitting watching that little point on the wall something extraordinary can happen. And that’s what happened to us one day! We found this amazing Pinarello Montello frame in perfect conditions, with special painting and some valuable components on it. That was a good deal! But we have been even luckier since a few days after we managed to get our hands on a complete Campagnolo Record group of the same age, more or less.

And here starts the problems, if we can call them so. As we came down to the point of dating a bike we start getting tremendously nerds. From the information we found Pinarello started the productions of Montello frames in the 1985. Materials and design placed this frame among the top range bikes collected many victories at the Tour and Giro. But, going back to the datation of this specific frame there are some further considerations to be done.

One of those little stickers on the vertical seat tube belongs to a racing team named MG Technogym, serious stuff. MG team was born in 1992 but started to collaborate with Technogym only in 1995. Furthermore another sticker on the diagonal tube (we didn’t shoot this detail, we’re always in a hurry and sometimes stoned) quotes: “campione olimpico ’84, campione del mondo ’90” referring to Alexi Grewal olympic exploit and Rudy Dhaenens world championship success. Even if I’m not sure Rudy was riding a Pinarello at that time.

so after all this clues we came to the conclusion that this is a wonderful bike and we don’t really care weather it is from the 1991 or 1996, or from 1989 with new stickers from 1990 and some other from 1995. In the end, who cares?

detail of the panto stem


  1. emi · October 21, 2011

    fortunato il possessore!!!
    … grazie guido..ora so tutto sulla mia bici..aggiungo un paio di note da utilizzatore finale…. i tubi slx pesano veramente un casino! in compenso il primo cambio campagnolo ergopower รจ preciso come un record 11V 2011! paura!!

  2. Craig · October 21, 2011

    I love the frame colour. It reminds me so much of my Basso Astra I used to have in the early ’90’s!

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