eroica 2011

yes we did it! we made a picture of those two guys

Garibaldi’s bike

Eroica is a wonderful place to be. It was the first time for the four of us and the memories we have are amazing. There is really nothing to tell about it, how could words describe the feeling of riding at daybreak in the tuscan hills? Or the pain pedaling the “tre Marie” climbs? The only thing to do is get ready for the next year registration.

saturday market

for the record Gaiole in Chianti is a really nice village, on saturday there was a bike market with old nice men selling all kind of wonders, with glorious street food and a mechanical support we largely took advance of.

colorful monsieur

gio’s camper

we were set in a sunny place with a spacious motor home, life couldn’t have been better. But everyone was kind of restless thinking about the day after.

the struggling doubt in ourself.

At 5 am on sunday morning we where up, almost ready to go, trying to delay the contact with the freezing air outside the van.
Ten it took us almost six hour an a half to complete the 135 km, with two flat tires (we were lucky), a broken break level (gio wasn’t lucky at all) and three points of restoration with all the goodness we could imagine.

champion’s breakfast!

emi riding through the cypress

restoration point

the crew, from left to right: riky with his Scanziani, emi with his Masi Gran Criterium, giò with his Ciocc World 77, guido with his Fanini Super Alan.


  1. vale · October 19, 2011

    I like!

  2. emi · October 19, 2011

    posso solo dire..ciclisticamente parlando, l’esperienza più bella della mia vita!! grazie ai nostri mezzi e ai miei inseparabili compagni di viaggio!!!! big up casbah!!!

  3. giorgiocordini · October 20, 2011


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