torino again

a night at Coppi velodrome in Torino

chairs waiting for the daily market

And back we are in Torino!
Riky this time set up a perfect 15 laps race for a warm Torinese night. And guess what? We were 15. So we had a lap each in a sense.

racers waiting to go.

It was really nice have a ride in Torino at night, we were all relaxed and the race was pretty fun. I was boiled anyway and didn’t manage to stay with the first group. But I had really good time and I was wearing a pair of braces! Nothing could stop me.

turns were quite steeps!

see more pics here and here.
Great times! we are really looking forward to do it again.

a teaser for the new entry in Casbah stable, waiting fore some good pictures


  1. emi · September 26, 2011

    come gia detto, è stato un gran dispiacere non aver potuto partecipare a questo bellissimo evento!
    big up per Riky che ha organizzato il tutto..speriamo a breve di farne altri.. la cinelli di guido è un vero gioiellino!!

  2. riky76 · September 26, 2011

    grazie a guido per aver portato un tocco di classe in quel di torino, la maglia “best vintage” è stata sua senza discussioni!! dalla foto qui sopra mi vengono i brividi per come giravo alto … a saperlo…

    alla prossima, le prote di torino per voi sono sempre aperte!

  3. emi · September 26, 2011

    a pensarci bene..non avremmo potuto partecipare tutti assieme… le mie ruote erano sulla cinelli..! hai un campi record 36 post flangia alta in avanzo??

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