balap sepeda velodrome in jakarta

how to find it? we where in our last day in Indonesia with nothing to do and quite a good amount of time to waste. so we decided to chase the velodrome following some obscure website indications. we pick up a taxi and said the address to the taxi driver, his look turned into a question mark but after a second he was nodding and drove away in the traffic.

an overview

so starting from the center, even if we can hardly say which one is the center of jakarta, we spent 10 minutes in an healthy indonesian traffic before reaching the sport area. It was kind of a disused olympic compound, people was living in the changing rooms and it was terribly hot but there were some kiosk selling tasty food ready to feed you after sport activity, or even before.

perfect conditions of the track

there was a guy called Wawan living there, he spoke a very weird english but was really friendly. According to Wawan once a year a competition takes place in Jakarta velodrome, but the track conditions were not so good and we weren’t so convinced by Wawan statements

wawan and his missile

Anyway Wawan was a proud owner of a Nugens track bike, kind of an aluminum bomb felt from the sky into his hands, and agreed to lend it for a couple of laps.

flip flops! sorry again Luison!

Riding with flip flops was amazing, after the second lap Coppi appeared to me with a Bitang beer on his hand…

why fausto doesn’t appear in the picture? he was there!

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