prszkow velodrome in warsaw

pruszkow velodrome a.k.a BGZ arena

During the CMWC 2011 one day was dedicated to velodrome’s competition. We then took our bike and rode from the center of Warsaw out to the country for about 20 km. When our faith was about to vanish a massive building appeared at the horizon. We eventually did it!

an internal view

once inside the sight was breathtaking, a well built 250 m wood track was filled with people turning around with good music coming from massive speakers. Everybody was having fun. The first impression of the velodrome was very similar to the one in montichiari where we usually train, they both are last generation velodrome with 250 m wooden track 7 m wide.

guido having fun on the track

This velodrome was built in 2008 by Schuermann Architects, one of the best familiar firm for velodrome construction (the founder was mr Clemens Schuermann who did the vigorelli velodrome in milan), and hosted the world track championship in 2009, in this occasion Simona Krupeckaite from Lituania established the new world record in 500m TT with a time of 33.296 s

emi getting ready

so even if the track was a fast one we didn’t manage to get into the finals but we spent the whole day turning up and down this magnificent structure with a total of about 60 km at the end of the day. The velodrome association rents some decent Trek aluminium bikes for about 10 euro per day, so if you are planning a trip in the surrounding of warsaw don’t miss this spot.

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