luciano’s raleigh

Luciano portrayed with his Raleigh

we don’t know much about Raleigh bikes, we aren’t that classy; we only know that these bikes are english classical masterpiece and we love them.

age: 70

nationality: Italian

city of residence: Milano

occupation: craftsman

bike model: legendary Raleigh bike, I think is a women one… likely the model is Royal Roadster

what do you like about your bike? the three gears rear hub.

what would you improve about your city concerning biking? streets should be safer for bikers.

a message to car divers? use your rear mirror, respect road rules and respect those who are smaller than you!

daily trip from home to work, but with a car. (oh no Luciano!)

amazing fork and brake details

the beloved three gear hub

the original logo on the rear fender

One comment

  1. Adriana · November 19, 2011

    OH, lovely.

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