nina’s 1970 roma sport

nina portrayed with her roma sport

When my sister came up with this bike asking us to restore it for my niece Nina we were really enthusiastic, then during the process we find out it was almost impossible to find original part for substitutions and problems begin to brew. But in the end the result is nice and above all it’s appreciated by the owner.

age: 8

nationality: Italian

city of residence: Milano

occupation: student

bike model: roma sport restored and assembled by casbahcicloclub

what do you like about your bike? I like nina sticker, the coaster brake and the strange handlebar even if everybody says to me “why do you have such an handlebar?”

what would you improve about your city concerning biking? no more cars and lot of bikes!

a message to car divers? you are polluting a little bit to much, would you like to stop it? (kids can be really polite if they want to)

daily trip random

one of the original component we couldn’t find was the chopper style saddle the roma sport was equipped with, but the one we used is definitely more girly and match perfectly with the chain color.

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