mangia & bevi 2011

“mangia & bevi” eat and drink.

Richi studying the race track, or pretending to.

yesss! this year we did it, even if we where just two we reached Lucca for the famous “mangia & bevi” challenge. This very particular race ,reserved to fixed bike, consist in 3 laps of the walls of the city, 4.2km each, to be done after midnight in group. Is kind of a keirin competition but instead of two laps of warming up following the scooter in Lucca you have to eat and drink for the entire evening; and of course we’re not talking about water and fruits…

Jan working at the grill

a perfect grill was set just below the window of the workshop, sausages were perfect and wine was really good, but after a while we had some problem since there was no flue.

seemed like a fire was spreading out from the door, but no one really care so we kept on drinking and eating and the problem just disappear by itself.
The Lucca’s guys offered us an amazing dinner but, while everyone was enjoying the experience of alcohol, pros began to set their rides.

Luca setting his bike

so at 12.30 pm we did our first survey on the track, the night was clear and fresh, trees were green, no one was on the track and I was a little bit drunk

Guido enjoying the survey

But no time for jokes. At 1 am we were ready to start, 20 and more guys and 2 girls ready to rounding three times Lucca. Suddenly all chopstick and glasses of wine disappeared and things got serious.

Jan wit his Villin

So… HOP! We start! The two first lap were tough, with a bunch of guys pushing really hard in front, I made it until the last 200m, exactly where the sprint began. The stats said that the average speed was around 40 km/h wich is pretty good for the physical condition we all had.
First at the finish line was Jan and that’s how he won the entire ham he is raising in the picture below.

The day after we had a pleasant trip around Lucca following the Italian Resistance’s paths. Lots of sad and heroic stories took part around the milestones we found on our way. But everyone was enjoying the sight and happy we went through the hills.

the company at a milestone

We eventually reach our destination where good food, beer and reggae music were waiting for us. It was the perfect conclusion of such a cool week end.

We would like to thanks all Lucca’s crew, Luca for the hospitality, the guy from the workshop (I forgot the name), Pablohoney (the tallest forum admin)for some of the pics above.

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