coppi velodrome in torino

the entrance remembers me of a spanish plaza de toros

while the athlete’s entrance is more like the ones in roman arenas

the motovelodrome Fausto Coppi it’s an open velodrome in concrete, the first building was from 1920 while the last track renovation is from the 1973, it sizes 390 m.
concrete is well kept, parabolic bends are around 45° or more, it’s spine-chilling! Going round above the blue line isn’t easy at all. This track saw the myths of cycling: Merckx, Coppi, Hinault, Bobet and many others.

participants to the milano-torino 2011 relaxing in the velodrome

The occasion to try this epic ring was the competition Milano Torino with fixed bike. 150 km from Vigorelli velodrome in Milaon to Coppi velodrome in Torino. Casbah was there (well just Emi was there) and did a great result, he survived and reached the end.

Emi into the velodrome, oh my God he’s wearing flip-flops! I’m sorry Fausto


  1. giorgiocordini · April 29, 2011

    flip flop rulez!

  2. riky76 · June 20, 2011

    welcome o my second home!!

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