mi-to 2011

from milano to torino with fixed gear bike

participants at starting point, Vigorelli velodrome in Milano

starting from home they were 158 km, with an average speed of 30,5 km/h (this just because I wasn’t pushing while reaching the start of course!). At 8 o’clock we are starting from outside the Vigorelli velodrome, we’re about 80 people, some are enthusiastic, some are fearful, some are hesitant and some other are psyched up.

some dirty tricks

he first 70 km slipped by easily, all the peloton made some mistake while hearts were getting warm.
When the front group started to push my speedometer went up to 40 km/h, I knew that I couldn’t go on like this, I heard Alan behind me saying “don’t miss them! stay close!”, well my reply was wise as a 35 years old guy’s reply should be: “there are 80 km missing! if we start to push now we’ll never reach the end!”. So we decided to keep our 34 km/h average with another ten guys. We decided for a technical pause of 10 minutes, trying to oxygenate brain and muscles, and then we went back on route doing some mistake around Settimo.

starting group

When Torino sign finally appeared we felt back to life, I knew the streets heading to Coppi velodrome and we reached it easily, at the entrance some guys were stopping cars and cheering on with trumpets, it was amazing. As we entered the velodrome the sprint started, I had decided previously to do it just to honor that velodrome even if I knew that my legs wouldn’t be happy about that. But it was the last effort and then it was done! We made it.
special thanks goes to Alan, a great trip companion, and to all the organization.

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