vera’s wilier

vera portrayed with her wilier

last night Vera, a friend of us living in Berlin, came to our workshop asking for some reparation. We didn’t knew what kind of bike she was riding and it was quite a surprise when she appeared with a copper-colored wilier. I’ve always been fascinated by copper wiliers, their unique color and perfect building have always enchanted me. Even if the frame was too big for Vera there was no way to separate them, unfortunately.

Vera got this wilier from an old man and apparently it was a very good bargain, damn it! I never find old man trying to sell some wilier. Anyway, looking closely to it we find some weird details, like the lugs with the rear brake wire getting into them and the sachs group.

seatpost lug detail

even if the sachs new success (1994) is a well built group it was never considered fashionable and it’s strange to see it on a wilier. In fact all the bike looking is quite weird, a little bit 90ish even in some graphics. Not considering the cinelli camouflage tape.

this lily is a sticker and not a decal

wheels are not the original ones, they come from a couple of american guys who finished at Vera’s house their bike trip around europe, for the great hospitality they received they decided to give them away. Vera is such a lucky girl.

So for this time no questions or maps, Vera is on her way back to Berlin and we will wait for a complete report from Germany’s capital. Apparently, while greeting her parents at her hometown, she bumped into a rossin fully equipped campagnolo. Of course she get it for free.
Did we told you that Vera was a lucky girl?


  1. Stefano · April 26, 2011

    Bel Ferro
    nel senso ha anche l’adesivo Ferro!

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