casbahcicloclub courtesy graziella

Graziella is a folding bike produced since 1964 by Carinelli company and many others after that. It’s kind of an icon in Italy, everyone has once in their life experienced riding the Graziella, it is part of the Italian cultural background. Ridinig it now is quite funny, with its 20″ wheels and its extremes geometries it allows quick direction change and easy wheelie. Gear range is not really the best to push but bmx pedals give the perfect control and look.

guido while doing the poser with the CCC graziella

This particular Graziella was restored by casbah during the “Santi Campionati di Ciclomeccanica” organized by Lastazionedellebiciclette and now is used as courtesy bike. Check out some more pictures about this particular competition in Gio’s blog
For more infos about Graziella visit this well made blog. Ok, it’s in italian but some pics need no comments.


  1. emi · April 19, 2011

    la graziella spacca!!!!!!!
    unica e sola courtesy bike!

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