trip to trebesine velodrome in Prague

We are looking for Prague’s Trebesine velodrome, another Real Socialism piece after Brno’s velodrome. From the infos we got we know that it was built back in 1941, an old school 400m oval, then restored into a modern 333m track. Reaching the place isn’t easy at all, because of our pronunciation the spelling of Na Trebesine street is not really easy to explain to the local old ladies. After an hour round walk we spot the little hill where the velodrome is constructed.

As usual we find it colosed even if it’s still in use for local and National events, a quick patrol and we jump over the fence.
The velodrome is a nice concrete ring, very well conserved at first sight and the curves do not seem to hard. In the middle there is a professional tower for time checking.
In front we have the Velodrome hotel with private entrance, we suppose. It looks like a DDR barrack, all velodrome services should be inside but unfortunately the hotel is closed as well. So no report.

One comment

  1. emi · April 15, 2011

    ahhh, gran posto Trebesine… trovato in un attimo!

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