trip to Favorit velodrome in Brno

Favorit velodrome in Brno is a massive 400m concrete velodrome, the day was cloudy and unfortunately the track was closed. Apparently is not in use anymore according to the confession of a drunk guy we found outside, but searching on the web we found out that some teams are currently using it for training.

At the entrance a URSS style panel shows the results of the 1969 championship that had been held there, all disciplines are showed with a metal plate.

This particular one shows the record belonging to the italian biker Sartori, 1’08″38 for the km starting still discipline.

Tired of turning around with no open entries we decided to climb over the roof even if we didn’t really understand what was written on the signage. From the top we had the complete view of the velodrome and I shot the picture that open this post.